Sundari and the Essentialist School

"The only real change the world needs is the effort of each one of us for the happiness of all."

Essentialist Outlook


Today, if people are justifiably anxious about a worldwide economic and social situation which is worsening from day to day, they are doing nothing to improve it. Although it affects everyone, people remain in their dangerous position, their main aim being to preserve their material possessions, comfort and tranquility. As for the rest of the world: let it take care of itself !

The leaders who are held responsible for our greatest difficulties and from whom, nevertheless, people expect a miracle, are themselves overtaken by events which each one confronts according to his nature and personal views. If their sincerity appears evident, their words and actions produce little or no real results. We must not count on politics to correct social iniquities caused by human mentalities; this would be nonsense because politics deal in what is secondary and neglect the essential: individual reform for collective reform.

As for the institutions which have taken upon themselves to represent God, they have failed in their mission of leading people to improve their natures so that they can deserve the joy of living and instill it on earth through the establishment of real brotherhood. This would have eradicated intolerance, hatred, absurd and atrocious fratricidal wars between creatures created by one and the same God.

In our time, just as in the past, human institutions only propose vain repetitions, outworn traditions and golden legends which change nothing basically, no more in people than in society. If they satisfy the dormant consciences of those who follow others like sheep, they do nothing to enlighten their intelligence. Otherwise they would perhaps have discovered long ago the arbitrary, illogical and sometimes even pagan nature of their beliefs and pursuits compared to the true Love and Wisdom of God.

May consciences be stirred up and may people in power – as well as those whom they govern – have the courage, good sense and humility to correct their ideas, rise up out of their self-centeredness in order to embark upon some kind of sustained action, giving the best of themselves. This will enable them to take on the immense task of improving society and creating a new atmosphere: that of their new mentality.

The voluntary reform of human mentality is the surest guarantee of a moral, spiritual and social regeneration of the world whose decadence reflects our own. If we refuse to admit this, we shall continue to fiddle while Rome burns and remain in the vicious circle of our base habits like a “dog returning to its vomit”.

We have a remedy within reach if we discipline, improve and keep a watch on ourselves. It is enough to undertake this assiduous work on the innermost recesses of our nature so as to diminish the proud self, without demanding or expecting anything from others.

Such a task cannot be accomplished satisfactorily without the single-minded involvement of all men of goodwill, a deep understanding among individuals and nations, beyond all “labels” and differences. This will guarantee peace in a world that can be harmonious in its diversity – for the happiness of all mankind.


Towards a healthier humanity: the responsibility of the individual

Essentialist spiritual & social outlook (pp 24 to 27)


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